PADI Referral dives in Warm Water

What is the PADI Referral System?

The PADI Diver Training System.

The PADI training system is the most popular and well used diver training system in the world. It was created over 50 years ago and with constant innovation has now trained over 20m people to dive safely.

One of the major features of the system is the standardisation of modules between diving schools, so that students can seamlessly transfer between different centres to complete their training. This is made possible by the PADI Referral system, where the details of the training are recorded and passed from one dive centre to another.

PADI Referrals in warm waters

One of the most popular uses of the PADI referral system is to complete the pool and theory elements of the PADI Open Water course in your home town, and then to complete the sea-based activities in a second centre. If this is combined with a move from colder (northern European) locations to warmer locations in sub-tropical and sub-tropical waters it can be warmer, more comfortable and more fun!

With a warm water referral you do not have to shiver in and out of a cold lake, you do not need to wear extreme thermal protection such as a drysuit, and you can invariably see much more marine life and underwater scenery than in a cold quarry or lake in the Northern training locations. With so many advantages it is no wonder that more and more people are doing their confined training in one location, and their open water training dives in warm water diving destinations.

In the past, the Red Sea was the obvious choice for warm water training in winter, but with significant political uncertainty in the region, the Canary Islands have become a favourite destination for many European dive students to complete their PADI Open Water Course.