PADI Referral dives in Warm Water

The Go-Warm Service

The Objective of Go Warm.

Although the PADI Referral system is an integral part of the PADI Training system, many students are unaware that they can take their pool or confined water training 'at home', and then instead of shivering and getting cold taking the open water dives in a muddy quarry with low visibility, they can take the open water dives with a dive centre in a warm-water location.

The aim of the Go-Warm website is to improve the visibility of this option and to provide information on locations and dive centres that offer special Go-Warm referral courses and facilities.

In addition, there is a 'reverse requirement' where dive centres in warm locations get asked to recommend locations where their students can take confined water training, or obtain course materials in their home country.

Plans for 2017

As a small start-up, our priority in early 2017 is to set up basic information in the website, along with the technical platform, structures and mechanisms so that we can 'beta test' the operation of the website. At this point we have a single destination and supplier. Phase 1 is focussed on Referrals in the European Market, in English

For phase 2 we will expand the concept in three directions ... more destinations, more partners and possibly a second language. We will start to work closely with dive centres in 'colder' areas so that they can use the 'Go-Warm' concept to integrate into their marketing plans and offerings. If the project is a success we may extend to other regions (eg US/Caribbean).

If you are interested in becoming a Go-Warm provider, or becoming a Go-Warm Supporter (recommender) then please contact us for more information (info at Go-warm dot com).